L is for...Lapwings

L is for...Lapwings

The distinctive rounded wings of the Lapwing are displayed beautifully when it wheels around a winter sky in a massive flock.
L is for

Familiar birds of farmlands and wetlands, and very popular at Brockholes, Lapwings can often be seen wheeling through winter skies in large, black and white flocks.

As spring approaches, these flocks get smaller; some birds head back to their continental breeding grounds and others disperse to breed in the UK. Males put on dramatic aerial displays, tumbling through the air, accompanied by their piercing 'peewit' call, which gives them their other, common name: Peewit.

Females can be spotted on their nests, which are simple scrapes in the mud or sand. By late spring, cute, fluffy lapwing chicks can be seen venturing out to forage.

If the nest is threatened at all, the parents will attacked or 'mob' the potential predators.

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