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X is for... Xplorer

The wonderfully exciting Xplorer Challenge is returning to Brockholes Nature Reserve! Xplorer is a family friendly navigational challenge, which provides the perfect balance of physical activity…

W is for... Weddings

W is for... Weddings

Despite this recent period of uncertainty, we are happy to announce that we can now recommence wedding ceremonies!

V is for... Volunteers

V... is for Volunteers

Without our wonderful volunteers Brockholes Nature Reserve wouldn’t be the same. From helping visitors in the welcome centre, to aiding us in our practical conservation roles, our volunteers help…

T is for... Treecreeper

T is for… Treecreeper

Treecreepers are present throughout the year at Brockholes Nature Reserve, however with their diminutive stature and unique style of movement they can be especially difficult to spot.


S is for... Starlings

Brockholes Nature Reserve is a stand out location to view wondrous starling murmurations. These resplendent visual demonstrations take place throughout the winter months, and are a must see event…

R is for... Robin

R is for... Robin

One of the nation’s favourite birds. The robin redbreast is present right across the country and with their striking red flash and memorable song they are easily recognisable.

Q is for

Q is for... Quarry

On the site of an old sand and gravel quarry now lies an award winning wildlife haven, where people and nature happily coexist. This once industrial wasteland has been transformed into a standout…

O is for... Owls

O is for... Owls

Owls are most easily spotted during the winter months, and are commonly seen soaring high in the sky above grasslands and hedgerows. Amazingly, there have also been recent sightings in and around…

N if For Nature

N is for... Nature

The Wildlife Trust is calling for a Nature Recovery Network, in order to combat the ever diminishing state of wildlife in the UK. Since 1970 forty-one percent of UK species have experienced…