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M is for

M is for...MyPlace

Myplace is an exciting and innovative ecotherapy project delivered by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust in partnership with the Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust.

J is for

J is for...Journey

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust has been working on developing Brockholes for over 25 years! It has been a long and ultimately rewarding journey that has seen the land develop from a huge quarrying…

H is for...Hares

H is for...Hares

Early spring is the best time to see the fastest land mammal in the country. Reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour at full pelt, the brown hare is one of our great athletes, and its great speed can…

G is for Grazing

G is for...Grazing

While Brockholes focuses on wildlife in the form of birds, insects, and small mammals, you may have noticed on your travels that it is also home to a number of beautiful cows.

F is for

F is for...Flora

As well as our cacophony of bird species on our 250-acre Nature Reserve, we also have a blooming marvellous selection of flora, which is just starting to appear due to the welcome Spring weather…

E is for...

E is for...Events

From toddlers to time alone, woodland wandering and watching wildlife – we have events for all at Brockholes, and if you haven’t tried them, where have you been?

D is for Discovery

D is for...Discovery

To discover is to find unexpectedly or during a search. At Brockholes there is so much to discover – in the wild, in the lakes, in the village, and in you.