I is for...Interactive

With wildlife all around out 250-acre nature reserve, it's difficult to see everything, and easy to miss some vital sightings over the lakes.
I is for...

Here at Brockholes we are so pleased with our latest installations - our Wildlife Cameras.

Visible from the Welcome Centre, the five cameras show different sights from across the reserve, helping you to see wildlife you would otherwise miss, right at your fingertips.

The cameras show a view of the Visitor Village from the Osprey Nest, a view inside the Osprey Nest (for when they eventually come and visit), a view on the Tern Raft on Number 1 Pit Lake, a view from the Island on Number 1 Pit Lake, and one underwater, showing the fantastic array of aquatic life we have at Brockholes.

The new cameras were kindly funded by the Lancashire Environmental Fund, allowing more people, both able bodied and those with limited mobility, to have access to the wonderful wildlife available at Brockholes.

Next time you visit, head into the Welcome Centre and take a look at the cameras. We have seen all sorts so far and can't wait to see what is to come...