F is for...Flora

As well as our cacophony of bird species on our 250-acre Nature Reserve, we also have a blooming marvellous selection of flora, which is just starting to appear due to the welcome Spring weather.
F is for

From the glowing daffodils to the bright red campion, our wild flower varieties grow with each coming year.

Celandine, hornbeam, coltsfoot, blackthorn, the list is endless, but these species are so important.

The importance of flora or plants on the land or in the oceans makes our life possible. Plants are the oxygen producing and carbon dioxide absorbing natural apparatus without which life would not be possible. Besides the plants are essential resource for human well-being.

Not only that, they look beautiful and add colour and difference to our wild places.

So while you’re looking ahead for things to see, or up in the sky for the birds, don’t forget to watch where you tread and look for the beautiful flora.

If you’re struggling to identify which species of flora you have found, click here and see if you can match it to one of our most commonly found species.