• Sand Martin Brockholes Nature Reserev

    The Return of the Sand Martin

    19 Mar 2018

    Helen Earnshaw is one of our Conservation Interns on the reserve, she tells us about an exciting new arrival… A sure sign that spring is just around the corner is when you spot your first Sand Martin… and they have started to return to Brockholes Nature Reserve this week. The Sand Martin (Riparia riparia) is […]

  • Osprey the Bank Holiday attraction!

    29 Aug 2017

    Visitors have been given a real Bank Holiday weekend treat here at Brockholes, as we’ve had an osprey showing over Meadow lake throughout the weekend! The osprey has been frequently seen over the past several days, often performing a spectacular fishing routine over the lake, which can be seen from our floating Visitor Village. One […]

  • Spring on Site!

    14 Mar 2017

    The weather has definitely taken an upturn over recent days, with the milder temperatures (and a few appearances from the sunshine) leading to an unmistakable feeling that spring has arrived here at Brockholes! Wildlife seen out across our 250 acre nature reserve in the past week has included a wide range of mammals and birds. Amongst […]

  • We’re a Winter Wonderland for bird lovers

    11 Jan 2017

    2017 has started where 2016 left off, with Brockholes being home to a rich and varied mix of winter bird species! Last year saw over 100 different species of bird recorded on our nature reserve, including the first ever records of the pallid harrier, great grey shrike and coburni redwing. And despite the often chilly weather, there have […]

  • Smitten with the bittern!

    29 Nov 2016

    The days may be getting shorter and the temperatures colder… but there has been plenty of excitement out on our nature reserve, thanks to regular sightings of the mysterious bittern. The bittern (see above, photo by Carl Partington) has been seen on a daily basis over the past week or so, although it has taken […]

  • Rare bird boom at Brockholes!

    07 Nov 2016

    Birds are booming at Brockholes, with the nature reserve having a bumper autumn for sightings of rare birds. The first boom has been caused by the return of the bittern, a rare heron seen only in a handful of beauty spots in the North West. These beautifully camouflaged, brown and black members of the heron […]

  • Kingfisher

    A reserve fit for a King (fisher)

    27 Sep 2016

    Brockholes has been buzzing with some exciting bird sightings (and fantastic photography) over the past week! Our 250 acre nature reserve is host to a wide variety of wildlife throughout the year but even by our standards, the last few days have been particularly thrilling! A Kingfisher has been frequently sighted throughout the reserve, resulting […]

  • Lunchtime on Meadow Lake

    02 Sep 2016

      We had some fabulous footage captured earlier this week of a Great Crested Grebe on Meadow Lake bringing some dinner home for their chick (taken by Alan Wright). Alan is the Communications Officer for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and was down at Brockholes filming for TV when he spotted this lovely family moment. He […]

  • Bird Sightings – July 2016

    09 Aug 2016

    July was another exciting month out on the reserve as we had a sensational 90 species of bird sighted! Here’s 5 of the most interesting birds seen during July: Hobby – The Hobby is a bird of prey and is a summer visitor to Brockholes. It is a small, swift falcon with long, narrow wings, and generally feeds […]

  • Brockholes bird sighting a first for Lancashire?

    16 May 2016

    He was able to get a good view of the bird face on and said: “I could easily discern a striking head pattern; in particular a really obvious pale collar. The head pattern alone was enough for alarm bells to ring.” Bill, who admitted he was “shaking with excitement”, managed to get some excellent photographs […]