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It's all about 'Making Memories' with nature at Brockholes this summer! We love to see and hear your stories and adventures so please share them with us on social media.  Find us at - Facebook, Twitter, and if you hashtag #Brockholes on Instagram your pics will be displayed in our live feed!


At Brockholes you can explore our beautiful reserve, see the wildlife that call it ‘home’ or hunt out our Visitor Village with restaurant and shops, all of which float (yes really!) on one of our lakes.

Our floating Visitor Village features a gift shop and a restaurant providing stunning views across the lake. You can also discover our interactive Welcome Centre and learn all about the wildlife that you could see on-site. Be sure to call in to pick up a welcome leaflet that will help you plan your day. You can view the reserve map in our Welcome Leaflet here to help you plan your first visit.

2014/15 Opening Times:

The Visitor Village is open from:

1st April 2014 to 31st October 2014 10am-5pm (gates open 6am-9pm)
1st November 2014 to 31 March 2015 10am-4pm (gates open 6am-7pm)

We are closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Car Park Charges

 Click here for more information 

We don't charge for entry and any profits made here go back into looking after the reserve. So every time you pay for parking, treat yourself in the shop or enjoy some lunch, you are helping look after the reserve and the wildlife that visits us!

Sorry no dogs allowed!

There is a good reason!  Dogs can disturb wildlife, especially nesting birds.  If your dog was to get too close to a nesting bird it would cause the mother to leave the  nest.  So to avoid any accidents we ask that you don’t bring your dog. (Assistance dogs are welcome.)

Explore the reserve

Brockholes is one of the best sites in the UK for many species of bird and has one of the largest strips of ancient woodland in the county. You can take a stroll by the River Ribble, explore our woods or enjoy the lakes on site, which have all been specially designed to attract all kinds of wildlife for you to see!

  • Walks around Brockholes
  • What can I see at Brockholes?
  • Read about the happy habitats we've been working hard to create at Brockholes.

Watch out!

The Visitor Village floats on water and there are lots of areas of open water on the reserve. Take care in these areas and keep an eye on any children with you. The following activities are not allowed on the reserve:

  • Barbecues and fires  
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Please do not feed the birds

Big gulls know it’s much easier to find food when we leave it lying around rather than finding their own lunch.  Here at Brockholes we have lots of species breeding with us, little ringed and ringed plover, lapwing, oystercatcher and redshank. Unfortunately the big gulls will eat the chicks of these special birds so if we feed the gulls and encourage them to stay there is a big chance that they will eat our important chicks, so please do not feed the birds and take your leftover picnic away with you.

Please see our FAQ page for further visitor information.




Image by Tony West