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The Kestrel Kitchen is back open again after a period of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following this closure we are now open for take away food only, which you are welcome to eat on the tables and chairs outside on the Visitor Village. We have a one way system in place inside the Kestrel Kitchen, and masks are required to be worn, unless exempt in accordance with Govrernment guidelines.

Our friendly team will serve you your delicious food with a smile. We thank you so much for returning to Brockholes and the Kestrel Kitchen; every penny spent helps keep Brockholes afloat and allows us to continue vital wildlife conservation work on the 250-acre reserve.

Lancashire Wildlife Trust Marketing Officer, Alice, takes you on a whistle stop tour of the procedures in place to keep our staff and visitors safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Kestrel Kitchen

We know many visitors have questions surrounding our opening times, offerings and new systems. We ask you give these answers a read through in the first instance, and if you still can't find your answer, please speak to one of our team and we will be happy to help.

What are your opening times?

The Kestrel Kitchen, and Visitor Village, is open from 10am until 4pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

Hot food will not be served after 4pm, but may be stopped earlier if we have sold out of certain food during the day. Please bear with us as we all get used to this new sense of working on a take away system. 

Where is the entrance to the Kestrel Kitchen in the one way system?

As you follow the signs onto the Visitor Village, you will be facing the Kestrel Kitchen. Head to the very bottom under the canopy where there are tables and chairs. There is an automatic door there to lead you inside.

Please do not use any door or entrance which says 'exit only'. It is important we keep to the one way system in order to keep all our staff and visitors safe. Please watch the video above for a visual of where to enter the Kestrel Kitchen.

What food is on offer?

We have a selection of hot and cold food and drinks on offer in the Kestrel Kitchen. This ranges from breakfast barms or fish or chicken goujons and chips, to halloumi burger with houmous and peppers and cold sandwiches. We have a large selection of sweet treats from carrot cake (which is also Gluten Free) and chocolate cake, to a delicious range of cookies. 

Our new coffee machines deliver the most delectable coffee and hot chocolate, which you can enjoy with a flavoured syrup of your choice for that extra little treat. We also have two flavours of Starslush, perfect for a hot summers day.

We stock a selection of delicious ice cream flavours from the Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire. These are all individually portioned in tubs with a spoon in the lid. Please ask our team for allergen information.

What precautions are in place to help with social distancing?

Our team, along with our dedicated Health and Safety Officer, have worked very hard to ensure the health and safety of our visitors and staff is our primary concern during these uncertain times.

We have a one way system into the Kestrel Kitchen, from the back door, right through into the serving area, and exiting through the main door. The serving area has a perspex screen to separate you from our serving staff. Please speak up when ordering your food and drinks, it can sometimes be hard to hear!

We are only allowing one family or social bubble into the serving area at any time. This will result in a queue through the Kestrel Kitchen. Please bear with us - we will serve customers are quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure you are not standing in the queue for a long time.

Whilst in the queue, we have signage in place reminding you to stay two metres apart from anyone not in your family or social bubble at all times. 

There are a number of sanitisation stations available inside the Kestrel Kitchen, with hand sanitiser which you are welcome to use.

We also ask that you wear a mask when you are inside the building. These can be removed as soon as you are outside again.

When will you be opening the inside seating area again?

At the moment, the answer to this is completely unknown. We understand eating outside isn't always ideal with the British weather, but unfortunately we have to keep the health and safety of our staff and customers as our priority, and at the moment, we cannot allow visitors to sit inside. 

There is a canopy by the play area perfect for picnics which you are welcome to use at any time. We just ask you use the bins provided on site, or take your rubbish home with you.

Do you have any high chairs?

Yes! We have a number of high chairs available to use. If you cannot see one in the outside seating area, please ask a member of the team inside and they will be happy to bring one out to you,

Do you sell bottles of water?

No! BUT, we do sell cans of still water!

As an environmental charity, we are reducing the use of our single use plastics, starting with plastic water bottles. Cans are much more readily recycled and pose much less of a threat to wildlife. We also provide wooden cutlery with our take away meals as opposed to plastic. We hope you appreciate our move towards more environmentally friendly packaging - we hope there will be much more of this over the coming months.

Why is the gift shop now in the Kestrel Kitchen?

In order to keep everyone on the Visitor Village safe, it was important to keep a one way system in place. This meant only opening one building; the Kestrel Kitchen. For the time being, wildlife inspired gifts and treats will now be available in the Kestrel Kitchen as opposed to The Nest. Any items you wish to buy, you can pay for in the serving area where you would purchase your food. This is not a permanent fixture and we hope to be able to open The Nest again soon,

Thank you

Brockholes is owned and managed by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. We do not receive any direct government funding and each time you visit you’re helping to support our vital conservation work on the reserve. Thank you for supporting your local wildlife.

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