Jersey tiger

jersey tiger moth

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Catherine Williamson /

Catherine Williamson/

Jersey tiger

Scientific name: Euplagia quadripunctaria
The jersey tiger moth is a beautiful moth with creamy white strips on its forewing and bold orange underwings. It is mainly found in the south.

Species information


Wingspan: 50-65mm

Conservation status

Scarce but numbers are increasing in Britain.

When to see

July to September


The jersey tiger moth can be found in gardens and by the coast, for instance near beaches and coastal cliffs. The caterpillars feed mainly on ground ivy, white dead-nettle, branmble and common nettle. These moths fly in both day and night.

How to identify

The jersey tiger moth has black and cream strips on its forewing and red or orange bright underwings with black spots.


Mainly found down south, in Devon and Dorset. They have also been recorded in Sussex, Kent and the Isle of Wight.

Did you know?

The caterpillars often feed on plants that are considered weeds such as nettles and dandelions. Allowing wild areas in your garden is a great way of encouraging these moths!