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View Brockholes from a whole new angle

Brockholes now has immersive new webcams to view wildlife from different angles around the 250-acre nature reserve.

Thanks to funding from the Lancashire Environmental Fund (LEF), you can now view the sights from the stunning views over Number One Pit Lake and Meadow Lake, see wildlife you have never seen before, and be part of the action at Brockholes Nature Reserve.

Looking over Meadow Lake

Help us keep our nature reserve special

As a charity with no government funding, we simply wouldn't be able to look after wildlife refuges like Brockholes without your support. Please help us continue caring for the nature on your doorstep.

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Troubleshooting playback issues

These cameras have been made possible by the Lancashire Environmental Fund, and are powered by StreamDays. 

You will need to click play on each camera for it to start playing, and if you leave the screen, they will pause again.

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Why doesn't it work on a Flash player?

The live streaming is no longer compliant with Flash because Adobe is phasing the Flash plugin out. Unfortunately not all browsers are fully HTML5 compatible.

For example, you may find on one mobile device that Google Chrome browser will work fine, but then not on another mobile device; the reason for this is that different devices only have certain versions available, which again make some devices compatible and others not. 

Streamdays recommends that users ensure that their device and browser are up to date. 

Samsung users:

Please try the native built in browser which is called “internet” that is also compatible. 

Android users:

Both Firefox and Samsung internet seem to work.  Google Chrome and Microsoft Bing appear to be incompatible. 

Mac users:

If your playback settings do not allow the option to enlarge the screen to full, please update Safari browser on your Mac to the latest version which should resolve the issue.

If you are still experiencing playback issues please email us at and we'll do our best to help - thank you and enjoy!