Dogs at Brockholes

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Brockholes is a dog-free zone

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Dogs are welcomed on many of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s reserves but our sites are fragile environments that need to be protected against disturbance by dogs and man.

At Brockholes wildlife has flourished since we opened because this is a sensitive habitat for our native creatures. This is an oasis where all kinds of people, covering all kinds of ages, can get closer to our native creatures.

Dogs are beloved companions and part of the family, but to wildlife they’re a big and scary predator. Reserving some wild places solely for wildlife, ensures the creatures living there are free from disturbance.

There are lots of responsible dog owners, but unfortunately, just one dog running loose could cause a ground-nesting bird to leave its nest, or a reptile to use vital, hard-earned energy fleeing into the undergrowth. Ultimately, this kind of disturbance can impact wildlife populations.

Brockholes is also home to grazing animals which would get stressed by an altercation with a dog, no matter how friendly the dog’s intentions.

Other nature reserves in our region are home to particularly fragile habitats and types of plants, and are at risk from invasive species. The seeds of these invaders could be spread across the reserve on a dog’s fur, while other sensitive plants are at risk from trampling.

People walking around the Guild Wheel can pass through Brockholes with well-behaved pets but they must stick to the path and not stray onto the reserve itself. You can see plenty of wildlife from this popular path.

So please leave the dogs at home if you are coming along to Brockholes or check the Lancashire Wildlife Trust website for reserves where you can enjoy nature with the pooch by your side.

Please note that assistance dogs are welcome.