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Enjoy the Guild Wheel and Brockholes

Cycling is a terrific activity to participate in and is a great, fun way of ensuring that you get the 30 minutes a day exercise that doctors recommend for good health. The Guild Wheel runs right through the centre of Brockholes, with No 1 Pit to the west and Meadow Lake to the East, meaning you’ll get the chance to enjoy beautiful, natural surroundings and getting up close with wildlife whilst cycling.

If you come to Brockholes on your bike you do not have to pay car park charges. In addition, there are plenty of bicycle racks to secure your bike to just on the car park by the pay machines (but please bring your own security chain lock device).

Built by Lancashire County Council, the Preston Guild Wheel is a 21 mile greenway that encircles the city’s perimeter. The Guild Wheel route makes the most of the different landscapes that surround the city, creating a rich and varied environment for everyone to enjoy.

Please note that cycling is only permitted on the Guild Wheel Cycle Route that runs through the centre of the reserve.

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