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Head to Brockholes for a birthday party like no other

Embark on a natural adventure at Brockholes Nature Reserve. Our eco-friendly outdoor parties are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday for any age, with time for natural play around the forest camp. With our themed woodlands and wide variety of activities to choose from, you're guaranteed to keep your party guests happy and escape into the wild.

For two hours, you can enjoy themed events in our woodland with our trained education team who will be on-hand to make sure your party runs smoothly.


There are four themes to choose from for your party:

Wild Families: Survival

Lottie Perry


Test your survival skills with our  Survival party package! Camouflage up and have a go at shelter building, fire lighting and campfire cooking! Suitable for any age, this party is for those who love to get their hands dirty and go on a survival adventure in the woodland.

Face paint is used in this activity - but if you would rather it wasn't used, don't worry, just let us know before hand.

Family in the woodland

Molly Toal

Fairies and Elves

Tiptoe down to the woodland to join the fairies and the elves, as we embark on a magical birthday party adventure. Turn yourself into a fairy by creating your own natural crown and wand, embark on a treasure hunt, make a magical woodland home, and so much more. Magical fun for any age in our wonderful woodlands.

Pirate flag


Oooh argh me hearties, gather round for a swashbuckling birthday party adventure! Become the captain of your own natural ship as we work together to tackle the high seas. Make your swords and battle it out to find the pirate treasure! Suitable for any age. 

Face paint is used in this activity - but if you would rather it wasn't used, don't worry, just let us know before hand.

Nature crown

Knights and Queens

Make way for the Knights and Queens of the party! Build your castle and create your swords as the tournament commences in the woodland. Splat the dragon and be crowned the champions in this regal birthday party treat. Suitable for any age.

Party Costings take 3


The lunchboxes (cold food) include a sandwich, crisps, cookie, piece of fruit and soft drink and are priced at £3.95 per child.

Hot meals are available to eat inside:

£4.25 per hot meal (sausages / chicken nuggets / cheese and tomato pizza with chips, side salad, beans or peas)

Jugs of cordial and/or water will be provided with all meals.

We are happy for you to supply your own catering providing this is eaten in our outdoor picnic areas.

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