What was seen in January

What was seen in January

What a month January has been! The weather has thrown everything imaginable at the reserve, including snow, rain and ice. In spite of these testing conditions, the presence of a diverse selection of wildlife has remained constant at Brockholes.

The arrival of severe heavy rain throughout January temporarily closed the reserve to visitors, however this inconvenience did little to discourage the wildlife present at Brockholes. To start the month a resplendent little egret was observed gliding above the waters of Number One Pit. Additionally, a group of goldeneyes were viewed wading upon Meadow Lake, these delightful birds with their domed heads and vibrant yellow eyes provided a much-needed splash of colour out on the reserve at this time of year.  


Ged Gill


Lynne Booth 

Remaining, with our eye-catching visitors for a moment longer, the ever-popular kingfishers have regularly been sighted whistling around the extremities of the reserve. Similarly imposing in nature, a buzzard was captured perched upon a fence post by Lynne Booth. To conclude highlighting just some of the fabulous wildlife viewed at Brockholes this month, the much-loved bittern was seen skulking amongst Brockholes numerous reed beds towards the end January.  

January, did not just provide a remarkable selection of wildlife out on the reserve, there was also a surprising number of beguiling fungi still present. One particularly exciting find was made by Pat Aitchison, as he stumbled upon the fascinatingly intricate jelly ear fungus.  

Here is a selection of just some of the wildlife sightings recorded this month: 

  • Roe deer 
  • Wren
  • Heron
  • Kestrel
  • Bullfinch
  • Grey wagtail 
  • Red shank 
  • Stonechat 
  • Long-tailed tit 
  • Nuthatch 
  • Canada goose