October photography competition results

October photography competition results

Derek Belton 

This month's photography competition was all about ‘fabulous fungi’, these amazing organisms make up an entire kingdom of their own, and with over 15,000 species present in the UK there are plenty to spot. As a result, we received a delightful selection of fungi themed images.

From photographs of collared earth star emerging from the woodland floor, to magical mini fungi forests, this month's entries demonstrate the fantastic diversity of fungi present all around us.

Choosing a winner was extremely difficult, however after much deliberation Kirsty Yates’ ‘Porcelain Fungus’ was selected as the winner of this month's competition.  

Porcelain fungus

Kirsty Yates 

Our judge chose this image because of the intricate level of detail captured. ‘The ability required to illustrate this porcelain fungus’ lamellae (gills) with such clarity and prominence is absolutely delightful. Lamellae are imperative to spore dispersal, whilst also enchanting to observe and examine, and this photo demonstrates their impressive natural beauty.’

Moonlight fungus

Nigel Barnes 

In second place is Nigel Barnes, our judge stated ‘the spectacular composition of this image is absolutely amazing. This luminous fungus takes centre stage; whilst the vibrant full moon provides a stunning backdrop giving this photo an otherworldly quality.'

Fly agaric fungus

Derek Belton 

In third place is Derek Belton, our judge was immediately drawn to this image of a fly agaric fungus. They proclaimed ‘it ignites something within the imagination, as it is both familiar and yet somehow magical, as a result of its association with the classic fairy tale toadstool. Despite their commonality this marvellous mushroom with its bright red cap and scattering of white spots is certainly one of my favourites to stumble upon on an autumn walk.’  

The winner will be contacted via email with details of how to redeem their £100 optics voucher prize. Additionally, all winning photos will be displayed in our visitor centres for everyone to see.     

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November’s competition is currently open and has the theme of ‘Shades of Autumn’. As per 2021 rule changes, photographs can be taken anywhere in the Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside region and are not limited to Lancashire Wildlife Trust nature reserves.           

The deadline for entries is 11:59 pm on 30/11/2021. To enter, email photocomp@lancswt.org.uk (a maximum of three photos per person) or click the button below. 

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November 2021 Photography Competition - Fabulous Fungi