June photography competition results

June photography competition results

The UK is home to an unbelievable fifty-nine species of butterfly and over two and a half thousand different types of moths, many of which are present in our region!

Although the multitude of species present in our region differ greatly in colour and shape, they share a remarkable amount in common and have far more similarities than differences. Did you know that the shapes and colours illustrated on the wings of butterflies and moths are created by thousands of tiny delicate overlapping scales? 

This month's photography competition theme was ‘Butterflies and Moths’ and we received an overwhelming selection of truly spectacular photographs. From delightful images of the fluffy speckled wood butterfly to the vibrant cinnabar moth and everything in between. 

It was exceedingly difficult to choose this month's winner, however after continued deliberation Ken Hayes’ ‘Meadow Brown Butterfly’ was chosen as the winner. 

Meadow brown butterfly

Ken Hayes 

Our judge adored this image and proclaimed that ‘the rich tapestry of colour captured within this beautiful photograph is simply delightful. Despite their commonality, meadow brown butterflies never fail to turn heads with their striking pattern and colour catching the eye of any passersby’ 

Green veined white

Mark Lazenby 

In second place is Mark Lazenby’s ‘Green Veined White Butterfly’ our judge commented that ‘the ability to capture the prominent green veins of this butterfly is breathtaking. Moreover, given that this species usually prefers to inhabit damp and lush areas of hedgerow and meadow, the fact that the vibrant pigmentation and texture of this butterfly has been captured with such luminosity is nothing short of outstanding.’ 

Elephant hawk moth

Tony Beyga 

Finally in third place is Tony Beyga’s ‘Elephant Hawk Moth’ our judge noted that ‘this striking image of a delightful elephant hawk moth purposefully depicts the beauty and delicate nature of this special little creature. With their golden olive and vibrant pink colouration the elephant hawk moth certainly dispels any myths that moths are dull and boring.’ 

The winner will be contacted via email with details of how to redeem their £100 optics voucher prize. Additionally, all winning photos will be displayed in our visitor centres for everyone to see. 

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July’s competition is currently open and has the theme of ‘Garden Wildlife’. As per 2021 rule changes, photographs can be taken anywhere in the Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside region and are not limited to Lancashire Wildlife Trust nature reserves.       

The deadline for entries is 11:59 pm on 31/07/2021. To enter, email photocomp@lancswt.org.uk (a maximum of three photos per person) or click the button below. 

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June 2021 Photography Competition - Butterflies and Moths