July photography competition results

July photography competition results

Mark Harder 

July saw us experience some extremely changeable weather conditions, from torrential rain to glorious summer sun. However, as the month progressed and summer began to tighten its grip, July ended with a splendid burst of warm weather. In turn we received a marvellous selection of images which reflected the diverse natural beauty of our gardens.

For this month's photography competition, we asked people to photograph the wildlife quite literally on their doorstep. This month’s theme of ‘Garden Wildlife’ highlighted the important role our gardens can play in creating nature recovery networks, and providing beneficial natural spaces for wildlife.  

Gardens no matter how big or small are integral stepping stones between larger natural habitats, and are generally brimming with wildlife. Whether you have a small urban oasis or a large sprawling country garden, every natural space is equally important. This month's competition entries were monumentally impressive and showcased the wonderful diversity of wildlife present in our local area.  

It goes without saying that it was extremely difficult to choose this month's winner, however after much deliberation Heather Sheldrick’s ‘May I Join You’, was chosen as the winner. 

An image of a hedgehog eating some hedgehog food, with a mouse cheekily positioned in the background waiting to steal some.

Heather Sheldrick 

Our judge was overjoyed upon viewing this photo and stated ‘the composition is truly spectacular; the lighting of this image highlights the intricate nature of this beautiful hedgehog. Moreover, the ability required to capture such a characterful image of this famously reclusive animal, makes this photograph something truly special.’ 

An image of a common toad sat on grass

John Vickery

In second place is John Vickery’s ‘Common Toad’, our judge commented that ‘the vibrancy of colour illustrated in this image is fabulous, additionally it demonstrates the complex beauty of one of our most underappreciated garden visitors. Toads with their olive-brown warty skin, and mesmerising copper eyes are the ultimate gardener's friend, hoovering up slugs and snails on every visit. 

Wood mouse nibbling on some seed behind a vibrant pink flower

Victoria Millington

Lastly in third place is Victoria Millington’s ‘Garden Mouse’, our judge loved this photograph and noted ‘this image of a delightful wood mouse is unbelievably cute, and presents an endearing representation of a creature often regarded as a nuisance. Mice are hardworking and intuitive little creatures and should be admired by all of us, and this photo certainly invokes that response from me.’ 

The winner will be contacted via email with details of how to redeem their £100 optics voucher prize. Additionally, all winning photos will be displayed in our visitor centres for everyone to see.  

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August’s competition is currently open and has the theme of ‘Dragonflies/Damselflies’. As per 2021 rule changes, photographs can be taken anywhere in the Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside region and are not limited to Lancashire Wildlife Trust nature reserves.        

The deadline for entries is 11:59 pm on 31/08/2021. To enter, email photocomp@lancswt.org.uk (a maximum of three photos per person) or click the button below. 

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July 2021 Photography Competition - Garden Wildlife