August photography competition results

August photography competition results

Steph Moss

The results of our August photography competition are in! This month's theme was ‘Dragonflies and Damselflies’, and we received a wonderful selection of images. These multi-coloured, iridescent predators are a delight to observe and even better to photograph.

Dragonflies and damselflies are unique in their incredible diversity of colour and complexion, and are most commonly found in and around wetland areas. It’s little wonder that these magnificent creatures have such an intricate composition given the fact that they can be traced back to prehistoric times.  

The winner of this month's photography competition is Steph Moss! 


Steph Moss

Our judge specifically picked this photograph from the multitude of entries for its spectacular level of detail. Our judge commented that ‘the vivid colour which exudes from this image, offset against the more muted tones of the natural flora makes it really stand out from the crowd. Moreover, the ability and timing required to capture this common blue damselfly with such clarity is truly astonishing’ 

Emerald damselfly

Ken Gartside 

In second place is Ken Gartside, our judge loved this photograph and proclaimed ‘this image of an emerald damselfly captures the true beauty of this magnificent creature, and highlights the complex nature of its wings. Damselflies have an elaborate vein system present within their wings, which is directly linked to their ancient lineage, and this photo purposefully conveys this spectacular genetic quirk.’ 

Azure damselfly ovipositing

John Cobham 

Finally in third place is John Cobham, our judge noted ‘this image really is something special, the tremendous depth and light captured within this photograph of an azure damselfly ovipositing onto a magnificent emperor dragonfly is genuinely breathtaking.’ 

The winner will be contacted via email with details of how to redeem their £100 optics voucher prize. Additionally, all winning photos will be displayed in our visitor centres for everyone to see.   

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September's competition is currently open and has the theme of ‘Local Landscapes’. As per 2021 rule changes, photographs can be taken anywhere in the Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside region and are not limited to Lancashire Wildlife Trust nature reserves.         

The deadline for entries is 11:59 pm on 30/09/2021. To enter, email (a maximum of three photos per person) or click the button below. 

August 2021 Photography Competition - Dragonflies and Damselflies