Wildlife Diaries - Building ponds for a special species

Wildlife Diaries - Building ponds for a special species

As part of our winter conservation works, Lorna and the team have been planning some new ponds for a very special species.

Great Crested Newts are often seen at Brockholes in naturally wet areas of the reserve. This European protected amphibian is very particular about its habitat and so, in order to improve the likelihood of this species breeding on site, we have created ponds specifically for them.

The  ponds have been dug out by one of our wonderful volunteers, Brian, using a mini-digger and thanks to the wet weather we have had over the last few weeks, the ponds have filled up nicely with water.

Great Crested Newts like ponds of a certain size to breed in and ponds without fish in them (they're very particular creatures!) and so, with the help of our conservation team, we are hoping that by spring we may have some breeding Great Crested Newts at Brockholes.

Here's Lorna to explain more:

Over the winter, our conservation volunteers have labouriously been digging some ponds on the reserve for Great Crested Newts. Lorna is here to tell us more about it...