September - Photography Competition Results

September - Photography Competition Results

Adam Barton

Autumn leaves have started to fall and ground is laden with conkers. Our wonderful photographers have been out in force entering our September photography competition.

This month's theme was Reserve Views, a chance for us to see how our visitors experience Brockholes. Whether it is the unique visitor village, or one of the many landscape views around the 250-acre site, all the photographs deserve a prize for just being truly wonderful.

Our judge had a very difficult decision to make, with 29 photographs to choose from from the subject Reserve Views.

Photography Competition - Misty View

Adam Barton

Coming in first place was 'Misty View' by Adam Barton

Our judge said the photography perfectly summed up the theme.

"This is a view, from the reserve, and one which really shows just how beautiful Brockholes is. From the luscious green grass to the sun beaming through the mist, it is a wonderful representation of Brockholes."

Visitor Village

Joseph Seager

In second place was Joseph Seager with his photograph 'Visitor Village'.

"I love a photo with a twist, and this one quite literally has been twisted, upside-down! Joseph has managed to capture a rare blue sky day in September which has allowed for such a stunning reflection."

You've been framed

Darren Taylor

Rounding off the top three is this clever image by Darren Taylor, called 'You've Been Framed'.

"It took me a while to spot, but this is a view from one of our hides - giving you a perfectly framed image of just one area of the reserve. It's great to see views from areas away from the Visitor Village as well, giving us a full 360 degree view of the beauty of Brockholes."

Feel free to let us know what you think about the judge’s selections via either our Facebook or Twitter pages.

OCTOBER's competition is currently open and has the theme of Woodland Fungi; There's hoards of weird and wonderful fungi at Brockholes, so enjoy looking for it, and send your photos in!

The deadline for entries is midnight on 05/11/2019 and the only condition is that your photograph was taken on Brockholes nature reserve. To enter, just email or click the link below to use the online application form (a maximum of three photos per person is permitted).  

Go to the online application form

More entries in the gallery below

September 2019 Photography Competition