Rounding up the summer work

Rounding up the summer work

Alice Singleton

This week, the volunteers and conservation team rounded off the summer work and look towards the winter maintenance programme.

What have we been doing?

This week, Lorna Bennett, Reserve Officer for Brockholes, and her team, rounded off the summer conservation work by mowing the remaining meadows around meadow lake, and remove the grass. 

This is so we can get a good flower regrowth next year, without too much grass. 

What wildlife has been seen?

The change in the weather has meant we have seen a change in species on the site, including the beginnings of the magical starling murmurations. Redwings and fieldfares are starting to pass through, a real sign of winter, and a rare duck, a smew, has been seen on the lakes - see if you can spot her on your travels!

See for yourself

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