The Osprey has landed

The Osprey has landed

Ian McGill

More wonderful wildlife news at Brockholes this week as an Osprey has landed on our Osprey platform for the first time.

Our keen eyed visitors and conservation team have been seeing intermittent sightings of Ospreys flying over Brockholes around June this year, capturing photographs of the magnificent bird in flight over the Visitor Village and lakes. We only hoped one would land on our specially designed Osprey platform...

And today, one did!

For the first time since the Osprey platform was erected in 2013, a wonderful Osprey landed on the perch, captured by some of our wonderful and avid visitors.

The Osprey seemed to hang around for a good few hours, getting its bearings, fishing in the lake, and enjoying life in the nest.

We can only hope this is the start of much more Osprey action to come, and maybe the first eggs will be laid this breeding season and fingers crossed for the first breeding Ospreys in Lancashire next year!

(Huge thank you to Ian McGill, Jim Beattie and Bill Aspin for the photos and video content)


Ian McGill

What is an Osprey?

Ospreys are awe-inspiring birds. Look out for them from mid-March through to the end of the summer as they wrestle a large fish from a lake or ward off intruders from their nest, before they make the remarkable 3,000 mile migration to sub-Saharan Africa. Having been driven to extinction through persecution in the Victorian era, they have made a remarkable comeback and The Wildlife Trusts are working across the UK to help these amazing birds, and provide people with opportunities to see and enjoy them.