One good tern deserves another

One good tern deserves another

Donald Sutherland

Can you help us provide more breeding habitats for our beautiful migratory friends?

Every April, we welcome common terns to Brockholes, where they arrive after their long flight from Africa - a 22,000-mile round-trip! 

Terns enjoy nesting on shores, on gravel or shale, but thanks to our vast lakes, and a helping hand from our conservation teamthey really breed here at Brockholes too.

We create five-star accomodation for them in the form of our tern rafts, which you may have seen floating in Number 1 Pit Lake. The rafts are lined with gravel which mimics the rocky shorelines the terns love, while the lake itself is full of tasty fish for them to feed to their young. 

One of our tern rafts has a live camera attached, so you can watch the birds nesting and raising a family from the comfort of your home, and we build lots of other rafts to put out in time for the breeding season each year.

View our tern camera here

We need your help to create more tern rafts

Tom, Lorna and their team of young conservation interns have been busy building new tern rafts out of recycled materials found at Brockholes. Ideally we would like to make more rafts to increase the tern population at Brockholes, but this all comes at a cost. Can you help us?

As Tom mentions in the video above, we have few resources to build these rafts so they are sturdy and bouyant enough to handle the terns and their eggs.

A small donation for our terns can make a huge difference to our migratory friends. It costs on average £250 to create a tern raft from scratch, and with your help we can build and release more rafts to help increase the breeding population of this wonderful bird.