May - Photography Competition Results

Emma Sharples

In Spring time, the forest floor is a carpet of colour. From blues, purples, green and white, the flowers come into bloom and the wildlife flock to the sweet nectar.

May seemed to come and go in a flash! With the Easter Break and then the school Half Term, and plenty of Bank Holidays, the days and weeks all seemed to mould into one. But within that time, the sun shone and the heavens opened, the temperatures rose, and then we needed multiple layers! The weather cannot seem to make up its mind, but what we do know, is that Spring is here and Brockholes is in bloom.

Once again it was great to see some new names entering the competition through our online application form.

Our judge had a very difficult decision to make, with 28 photographs to choose from from the subject Spring Blooms.

Colourful Spring

Emma Sharples

Coming in first place was 'Colourful Spring' by Emma Sharples. 

Our judge said the photograph was a perfect representation of the theme, with a wonderful boost of colour.

"Daisies are such an under-rated Spring flower. This one is perfectly formed, and I love the juxtaposition of the bright yellow against the bright white petals. And then to add the wonderful butterfly on top - it's just such a wonderful photograph."


Catherine Ingham

In second place was Catherine Ingham with her photograph 'Floating Away'.

"In a stark comparison to the first place photograph, this one is equally beautiful, but far more simple. The monochrome filter works perfectly in this instance, and the way the photographer has captured the floating of the seeds is perfect. It has a feel of Spring being blown away, making way for Summer..."

Spring Fresh

Stephanie Mottershead

Rounding off the top three is this beautiful picture called called 'Spring Fresh' by Stephanie Mottershead.

"Bright and beautiful! Wonderful yellow flowers against a lovely blue sky, nothing says Spring quite like it."

Feel free to let us know what you think about the judge’s selections via either our Facebook or Twitter pages. JUNE’s competition is currently open and has the theme of BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS; As long as the photo has been taken at Brockholes, you can enter whatever image you like!

The deadline for entries is midnight on 05/07/2019 and the only condition is that your photograph was taken on Brockholes nature reserve. To enter, just email or click the link below to use the online application form (a maximum of three photos per person is permitted).  

Go to the online application form

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