March - Photography Competition Results

Ali Mahmood

March madness really came into its own this year, with the warm weather hitting us early in February, the blooming time for many of our most popular wildflowers got turned on its head.

Butterflies began emerging and bees started about their business, it was both warm and cold, but you could definitely tell that Spring was in the air.

This month we opened our new online entry form for the photography competition, and it was great to see some new names entering the competition.

Our judge had an incredibly difficult decision to make, with 41 photographs to choose from from the subject Signs of Spring.


Ali Mahmood

Coming in first place was Rising Suns by Ali Mahmood.

Our judge loved this image stating 'the composition between the dark ground and the bright yellow flowers really shows the contrast between the weather in March.'

"The cowslips are a beautiful flower, and a sure sign of Spring, and the image shows a lot of care and attention to detail which comes with patience and a love of the subject itself"

Bee and Willow

Ken Hayes

In second place was KEN HAYES with his image entitled WILLOW CATKINS. 

Holding a true dedication to the photography competition, Ken enters stunning photographs and this is just one of them.

"The catkins and the bees, two beautiful signs of spring, full of colour and sound. The bright orange of the bee against the soft white catkin shows a great contrast to what is a brilliant photograph taken with a great deal of care and attention to detail."

Neil Stanley

Neil Stanley

Rounding off the top three is this beautiful picture called PUSSY WILLOW PEACOCK by NEIL STANLEY.

"Once again, the pussy willow makes it return as Spring rears its head for another year. The beautiful colours on the Peacock Butterfly against the pussy willow makes this image a delight to look at."

Feel free to let us know what you think about the judge’s selections via either our Facebook or Twitter pages. APRIL’s competition is currently open and has the theme of YOUR FAVOURITES; As long as the photo has been taken at Brockholes, you can enter whatever image you like!

The deadline for entries is midnight on 05/05/2019 and the only condition is that your photograph was taken on Brockholes nature reserve. To enter, just email or click the link below to use the online application form (a maximum of three photos per person is permitted).  

Go to the online application form

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