June - Photography Competition Results

June - Photography Competition Results

Orange Tip - Andrew Spencer

It's the start of our favourite time of the year. When the butterflies and moths are on the wing, spreading beautiful colour throughout the sky.

There was plenty of rain, but that just made everything thrive more when the sun came to play. The flourishing meadows and growing grass allow a playground for the huge numbers of butterflies and moths fluttering around Brockholes. Your incredible photos showed just how much patience our visitors have when capturing the perfect image, as you can see below.

Once again it was great to see some new names entering the competition through our online application form.

Our judge had a very difficult decision to make, with a HUGE 39 photographs to choose from from the subject Butterflies and Moths.

Orange Tip - Andrew Spencer

Orange Tip - Andrew Spencer

Coming in first place was 'Orange Tip' by Andrew Spencer. 

Our judge said the detail in this macro photo was stunning:

"One of our most common butterflies, the Orange Tip has such a beautiful underwing, captured perfectly in this photograph. There is so much more to a butterfly than its wings, and you can really see the fluffy body of the insect in this image, and their impressive antenna."

Showing Off - Paul Hunt

Showing Off - Paul Hunt

In second place was Paul Hunt with his photograph 'Showing Off'.

"Most butterfly photographs we see tend to be with closed wings - this one shows how beautiful they are as a whole element. The beautiful blue colour juxtaposed with the green foliage makes a great pop of colour which really stood out in the collection."

Courting Common Blue Butterflies

Courting Common Blue Butterflies - Ian McGill

Rounding off the top three is this beautiful picture called called 'Courting Common Blue Butterflies' by Ian McGill.

"The pair shine so brightly it looks almost as if they are glittering in the sunlight."

Feel free to let us know what you think about the judge’s selections via either our Facebook or Twitter pages. JULY’s competition is currently open and has the theme of SUMMER COLOUR; As long as the photo has been taken at Brockholes, you can enter whatever image you like!

The deadline for entries is midnight on 05/08/2019 and the only condition is that your photograph was taken on Brockholes nature reserve. To enter, just email photocomp@lancswt.org.uk or click the link below to use the online application form (a maximum of three photos per person is permitted).  

Go to the online application form

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