Help us name our brand new calf

Help us name our brand new calf

Alice Singleton

Meet our new calf - born Monday 2nd March 2020. She's beautiful and fluffy, but doesn't have a can help!

You may recall that last year's calves were called Teasle and Tess. Both beginning with T....coincidence?

Actually, this is a rule!

Each breed of cattle has rules relating to its breed which you are to follow if the breed is pedigree (pure bred). Some breeds do not mind about names, however, some do. The Longhorn Cattle Society requires all cows born in a certain year to have the beginning letter following the alphabet. So in 2019, the letter was T, and now in 2020, the letter is U!

Believe it or not, there are not that many names beginning with U! But we have come up with six, and your job is to pick your favourite one.

Click below to choose the name, and the name with the most votes will be given to our beautiful new calf!

Meet Uma

Around 200 of you voted for the name of our new calf, and while we all thought Ursula was going to be the winning name, Uma sped into the lead at the last minute and coming out a winner with 36% of the votes.

According to Sanskrit, Uma means tranquility, so let's hope this little one doesn't cause havoc for the conservation team!

Calf poll results
Calf 2

Alice Singleton