G is for...Grazing

G is for...Grazing

While Brockholes focuses on wildlife in the form of birds, insects, and small mammals, you may have noticed on your travels that it is also home to a number of beautiful cows.
G is for Grazing

The English Longhorn originated in Britain; possibly back as far as the 17th Century. The area of Craven in the north of England is thought to be the first recorded region to breed English Longhorns. 

While overgrazing can prove devastating for wildlife and plants, managed grazing by cattle can actually help the landscape to recover. Our cows keep the surrounding vegetation cropped at the optimum level for our waders while also giving plants more opportunity to thrive, rather than being choked out by the grass.

And where there is a stunning range of wildflowers there is a fantastic array of invertebrates which, in turn, pollinate the reserve and provide food for birds.

Without one, we would struggle to have the other. Our Longhorns are a very valuable member of our conservation team and although highly useful, we also enjoy having the livestock at Brockholes as they are friendly and provide an interesting attraction for visitors.

Have you met our cows yet?