Every business can play its part in the fight against the Climate Emergency

 Ben Hall

A Brockholes conference or wellbeing day can help keep your business green.

The state of our natural world has never been more at the forefront of public consciousness. In this Climate Emergency, people are looking for more ways they can help save the planet by making small but significant changes in their daily lives, at home or at work.

Brockholes Nature Reserve in Preston, owned and managed by the Wildlife Trusts, has been at the forefront of eco-friendly conferences since it first opened in 2011. The award-winning Visitor Village and conference facilities are specifically designed with an emphasis on sustainability and environmental performance, making Brockholes the ideal venue choice for any business looking to go green and take action against the Climate Emergency.

Brockholes Conference

Since opening nine years ago, the Visitor Village and conference buildings have been awarded several accolades for sustainability including the prestigious architectural accreditation; BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ for the interim design stage, as well as being awarded a Green Tourism Gold Award, following a site inspection which concluded Brockholes was an extremely sustainable destination.

As well as using a high efficiency, low emission biomass boiler, burning locally-sourced wood fuel to heat the conference centre and adjoining buildings, the structure is extremely well insulated to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer. Natural ventilation also helps to maintain the building temperatures.

On top of the sustainable benefits of a conference at Brockholes, every penny spent on the booking is invested back into the nature reserve and the wider Wildlife Trusts for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside, where staff are working passionately to reverse the fortunes of wildlife and wild places in our region.

Managing wetland habitats such as Brockholes reduces the risk of flooding by slowing the flow of natural water sources such as rivers and seas. Wetland habitats also have the capability to capture and store carbon, taking it out of the atmosphere and storing it under water where it can be used to produce energy. All this is and so much more is managed at Brockholes, and is funded by members, visitors and supporters of the Wildlife Trusts.