D is for...Discovery

To discover is to find unexpectedly or during a search. At Brockholes there is so much to discover – in the wild, in the lakes, in the village, and in you.
D is for Discovery

Discover nature

Our dedicated education team work hard to produce a series of discovery activities for children as young as 15 months old, allowing their discovery of nature to start at the very beginning of their life.

From Nature Tots to Wildside Group, we encourage children of all ages to get their hands dirty, wrap up warm and embrace nature in its truest form. And it’s not just the children, Wild Families allows parents and guardians to get involved too, exploring the wildlife and seeing how nature can bring everyone together.

Discover yourself

The serene surroundings of Brockholes allow visitors to discover themselves. To wander alone or with company in the 250-acres of wetland, woodland, reed beds and lakes and be among the native wildlife. With the reserve open from 6am until 7pm every day (the Visitor Centre is open 10am-4pm, Wednesday-Sunday during the winter), there are ample opportunities to befriend a wild woodpecker, spot the elusive bittern or explore the deep dark woods.

Discover Brockholes

With our weekly walks providing opportunities to explore the nature reserve, you are given many opportunities to discover Brockholes. Our history is fascinating and our design is unique, and with new species arriving at the site all the time, there’s something new to learn every time you visit.

So this half term, why not embrace discovery. Discover nature. Discover yourself. Discover Brockholes.