Do I have to pay to enter?

There is no entry fee at Brockholes but we do operate car parking charges. All profits from this are reinvested into the reserve, so when you pay you are helping to look after our reserve and the wildlife that calls it home!

Find out more about our car parking charges here.

Who owns the site?

Brockholes is owned and managed by The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside. For more information about the Trust please visit their website here.

Can I bring my dog?no dogs logo - brockholes

Dogs are not allowed at Brockholes (assistance dogs are welcome though), as they can disturb wildlife, in particular nesting birds in the summer and half-starved roosting birds of a winter. During the breeding season if your dog was to get too close to a nesting bird it would cause the mother to leave the nest.

Meanwhile in the winter months many birds need to spend all their daylight hours foraging, in order to gain enough fat to survive the night. Therefore, if they are disturbed during the day, there is a very real threat of subsequent overnight death of the more vulnerable birds.

Which paths are suitable for wheelchairs and prams?

The Gravel Pit and Reserve Trails are accessible for wheelchair users and pushchairs. For further information please visit our accessibility page.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes… Brockholes is the perfect place for a picnic! We have a number picnic tables around the reserve for you to enjoy. Please remember to put your rubbish in the bins provided or take it away with you and always recycle.

Please note barbecues and fires are not allowed as they damage our nature reserve and can harm wildlife.

Can I feed the birds?

No! Larger gulls know it’s much easier to find food when we leave it lying around rather than finding their own lunch. Here at Brockholes we have lots of species breeding with us, including little ringed and ringed plover, lapwing, oystercatcher and redshank.

Unfortunately the gulls will eat these chicks, so if we feed them (thus encouraging them to stay), this increases that likelihood. Therefore we ask you do not feed the birds and take any leftovers away with you.

Can I fish in the lakes?

No, fishing is not allowed in the lakes on the reserve.

How do I book onto events?

For information visit our Events page here.

How can I find out more about what’s going on at Brockholes?

The best way to keep upto date with what’s happening here at Brockholes by subscribing to our free monthly newsletter that is delivered by email directly to your inbox! The newsletter includes first details about all upcoming events, latest news from the nature reserve and exclusive special offers. Sign up here.

Will it be muddy?

The paths around the car park and Visitor Village should be fairly dry, but Brockholes is on a flood plain and is prone to be soggy underfoot all year round so pack your wellies just in case!

Will Brockholes flood?

Brockholes lies on a flood plain so the reserve is prone to flooding at certain times of year. Please take note of any warning signs.

Can I volunteer at Brockholes?

We are always looking out for more volunteers and have many opportunities here at Brockholes. Find out more on the Trust’s website or by visiting this link.

Can’t see your question?

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