• What’s been going on in conservation?

    29 Oct 2018

    Keeping our visitors and supporters up-to-date on the wildlife and conservation happenings at Brockholes is a highly important task. The Lancashire Wildlife Trust has thousands of members, whose membership and donations help towards maintaining all our nature reserves and conservation projects. It’s important for members and supporters to know exactly where their money is going, […]

  • Nature’s Spooky Stars of Halloween

    19 Oct 2018

    The UK is full of weird and wonderful wildlife: grasshoppers with ears in their bum and snakes that give birth to live babies. But some animals go one step further… some of them are downright spooky! Common pipistrelle bat This tiny bat might not weigh more than a 2p coin, but look at those nightmarish […]

  • September 2018 – Photography Competition Results!

    11 Oct 2018

    The results for the Brockholes September photography competition are in! We have seen a massive number of entries this month under the theme of RESERVE VIEWS and the images we received were some of the best we have ever seen. Our judge had an incredibly difficult decision to make, with 52 stunning photographs to choose from. After much deliberation. coming in […]

  • Who’s ready for a conservation update?

    08 Oct 2018

    Our conservation team and volunteers have been very busy this year, and as nature starts winding down for winter, it’s time for us to take things up yet another notch. This spring was a good year for breeding waders. Lapwing, oystercatcher and redshank all raised successful broods, and we had common sandpiper, ringed plover and […]